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One the most common questions from customers is “What color makeup should I wear?” This can apply to foundation, blush, eye shadow, lipstick and a variety of makeup products. For most, there’s uncertainty about which colors will go best with their complexion or features. The internet is loaded with videos of bloggers. It’s not surprising that we would get overwhelmed. But before you give up your search, let me give you a basic information on color theory and the color wheel for makeup that might simplify the process. 

The Basics
To begin, we want to understand our word .  When we are choosing a makeup color, we want to differentiate  some qualities about that color. Technically, color has three distinct qualities: Hue, Saturation and Depth. 

  • Hue people with blond hair and blue eyes tend to look good in gold and brown eye shadows.  If your skin is cool or pink undertone, you’ll probably look good in soft pink blush and lipstick while people with tan skin and brown eyes, look good in grey, silver and blue eye shadows. 
  • Saturation for natural looking, daytime pink blush, we want a blush that’s not too saturated. While we typically want a red lipstick worn in the evening to have a lot of saturation.  Keep in mind that, just because a color is very saturated doesn’t mean it will be dark. It will just be intense or bright against the tone of your skin. 
  • Depth, When choosing colors that work well with our features, we typically look at our skin, eyes and hair color to determine what will work best. We have the option of using colors that are similar to our features – Monochromatic, or using colors that are opposite the color of our features – Contrasting. To help us understand, look at the color wheel. Colors on the opposite side of the color wheel are contrasting and colors that match are monochromatic.

Correction Before Enhancement
Now that we understand what our color options are we may want to start exploring new colors. we must first take a analytic look at our face and make sure we’re properly correcting any discoloration. I’ve had many clients tell me they can’t wear purple eye-shadow because it brings out their dark circles. My response to that is “what concealer are you using?” If you don’t properly correct dark circles, no shadow will look good. This is another important element to color theory. 

If we have patch, we don’t need stage makeup or too heavy  concealer to fix the problem. We work smarter, not harder – with color correcting. If there is redness around your eyes, or in your cheeks, a yellow based concealer  or a yellow based foundation like Warm will definitely neutralize the redness. If you have grey, blue or purple circles, use a peach concealer to balance the darkness.  This also works great for hyper-pigmentation. You’ll be amazed at how much more easily you can cover the patch. Once your skin has an even tone and your dark circles are covered, you’ll be able to choose any blush or eye-shadow color without worrying that you’ll bring out these issues. 

If your entire face has a lot of natural redness and you don’t want to try to cover it, then apply a gold-based bronzer to soften then red. Likewise, if your skin is very sallow or gold, try a peach or pink based bronzer.  These opposing colors can help neutralize your undertone and enhance your complexion.

Dramatic Vs Natural
Another challenge I see costumer face is whether they can get away with dramatic looks or not. So many of us stick to soft, muted and natural looking colors because we think we can’t get away with drama. We wear a color once and get a few compliments and then we think that’s what we’re supposed to wear when in reality, we’re capable of much more diversity than we think. My advice is to go up to the lipstick unit, close your eyes, pick a color and wear it for the day. 

Never Alone  
We understand that having so many options can be overwhelming but remember that you’re never alone. we have professional team who can color match your skin and recommend a variety of products that will work well with your complexion.